What Happens After You Die?

If you died tonight, would you go to Heaven or Hell?
Have you actually read and studied the Bible to find out?
Do you know for sure what it says about salvation?
Please don't gamble with your soul.  Find out while there's still time! 
  Are You Good Enough to go to Heaven?
You think you're a good person. We all do. Take this short, simple quiz to see if you make the grade according to God's standard of goodness: The Ten Commandments.

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  The Problem of a Good God
Paul Washer, HeartCry Missionary Society

We all know that God is good and many of us are counting on His goodness to get into Heaven, so how can the goodness of God be a problem? Listen to this enlightening 12-minute message by Paul Washer and discover how God's goodness is a huge problem for sinful humanity.

You took the "Good Person Test" above and learned a humbling truth about yourself, a truth we all share. Now learn about the cure for this condition and how God showed His great mercy and love for us.

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  Hell's Best Kept Secret
Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron, Way of the Master
Many people believe that they are going to heaven but most are in grave error. The bible teaches that only a few will find the gate which leads to life. Hell has hidden what you need to know to find salvation. Do you know what it is? Revealing this to you is why you were given the 'Good Person Test".

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  True & False Conversions
Ray Comfort, Way of the Master
If you only watch one video here, please watch this one.

Have you truly given yourself to Christ or are you one of many false converts. Please listen to this compelling sermon by Ray Comfort and discover if you are a stony ground hearer or a recipient of the Holy Spirit and a genuine follower of Christ. This study helps all professing Christians who are willing...to "examine themselves to see if they are in the faith".

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  "You Must Accept Your Illness to be Healed"
Paul Washer, HeartCry Missionary Society
Paul gets to the heart of our depravity and need for a savior in this powerful message. Listen to how scripture describes our fallen state and confirms our need to be saved.

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  Are You Really a Christian?
Todd Friel, Wretched Radio
You might believe you are good Christian but how does your walk measure up when compared against scripture? Listen to this enlightening sermon by Todd Friel to see if you are truly walking with the Lord.

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  "He Who Knew Not Sin, Became Sin"
Joe Focht, Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia
Learn what our sin required our Savior to endure on the cross. This is an example of a verse-by-verse bible study at Calvary Chapel. The study is Matthew 27:32-66 where Jesus' crucifixion and death is examined in great detail. The discussion concerning the two thieves crucified with Jesus is especially insightful.

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  This is Your Moment of Truth
Ray Comfort, Way of the Master
If you had the courage to view and listen to the preceding studies then maybe you have the will to watch these last 2 videos. This is your moment of truth. On judgement day everything you have ever thought, said and done will be revealed, just like this woman. What will be your fate on your day of judgement?

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  Video - A Lesson from ER  [ 9:27 ]Pop-Up Window Must View!
Remember, this isn't make-believe.
This is reality.....this is forever.
I pray that you will take the time to carefully and prayerfully consider what these lessons teach. Always remember that Jesus suffered and died for you so God could be justified to forgive you. He paid the penalty for your sin so that you could be with Him in heaven after you die. You need only repent daily from sin and put your trust in Him and Him alone for your salvation.

Please don't reject His most preciously bought gift of eternal life. Jesus won't force Himself on you. He leaves the decision to receive Him to you.

If some of this caused you to fear ... rejoice! Without fear man cannot and will not flee to the Savior, Jesus Christ. The bible says,
"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction." [Proverbs 1:7 NKJV]

"Like a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him." [Psalm 103:13 KJV]
Don't shrink from this fear. Allow it to send you running to the cross...and salvation!
Charlton Heston: 10 Commandments

Compare the major religious faiths
What Next?

Once you have thrown yourself upon the Lord's mercy, confessed your sins & asked for His forgiveness you must repent & trust in Jesus for the payment of your sin debt. If you do that, the Lord has promised to forgive you and give you a new heart that seeks to please Him.

Once forgiven, you need to get spiritually fed. As a new-born Christian it is vitally important that you begin to read your bible regularly. Begin with the Gospel of John followed by the Book of Romans.

Always remember that the bible is more than a mere book. It is the very Word of God and possesses great supernatural power! Please don't neglect reading it. It is critical to your growth as a Christian.

A great idea is to read the bible while listening to a word-for-word dramatized reading of the text. Here is one example that you might want to review.

Listen to sample: [2:09]
Matthew 27:45-55 NKJV

Next, find yourself a good bible-teaching church where you can fellowship with other believers and grow together in faith. I attend Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia but there are other good churches out there.

Watch Pastor Joe of Calvary Chapel present a teaching on Luke 15:11-31, The Prodigal Son.

Here is a good guide on how a new Christian can begin to grow in their faith. Its called "Save Yourself Some Pain". Its purpose to to help you understand how to grow spiritually strong so you can prevail in the spiritual battle against the temptations of this world.

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